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Zum 100. Geburtstag von Ferenc Fricsay
Interview mit Prof. Lutz v. Pufendorf
(Gründer der Fricsay - Gesellschaft)

For many years Lutz von Pufendorf was fascinated by Ferenc Fricsay’s musical legacy. He was eager to learn as much as possible about Fricsay’s personality and life. He studied his posthumous legacy. The deeper he went into it, the greater became his fascination and incentive. He decided to get in touch with the widow Silvia Göhner-Fricsay.

Convinced by his attitude and enthusiasm, the widow gave him the opportunity to look into personal material. Instead of a distant insight into the musical legacy of the artist, Lutz von Pufendorf received first hand information about Ferenc Fricsay’s artistic and personal life as well about details of his musical conceptions. The personal relationship to Silvia Göhner-Fricsay opened up a wide field of facts about the artist as a private person, his home, his friends and social environment. A remarkable friendship developed.

Silvia Göhner-Fricsay lent her hand and supported the project for a Ferenc-Fricsay-Society.
It was founded in November 1974

Guideline and Objectives of the Institution:

The primary duty of the institution should be to preserve Ferenc Fricsay’s artistic legacy as an ongoing musical and pedagogical commitment to music history.

Lutz von Pufendorf has lived up to this basic idea in every respect. It is to his credit that until this day, Ferenc Fricsay’s impressive musical achievements are still available to a large public. Owing to von Puffendorf’s engagement, his persistent investigations und untiring insistence, the Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft has brought out at intervals throughout the years “Forgotten Rehearsals” or “Recordings” as well as new editions.


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