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The Ferenc-Fricsay House in the SOS-Children´s Village of Kecskemét/Hungary

Heimleiter Csaba Toth mit den Fricsay-Haus Bewohnern

In memory of her late husband Ferenc Fricsay, Silvia Göhner-Fricsay offered a house to the Children's Village of Kecskemét.

Csaba Tóth, for more than 14 years responsable of the children's village, fullfils with all his power and  heart the  task: "Every day raises questions as how to start  the task and how to continue? This is the frame of my work, while I look up to the future, full of hope and effort for further improvements." He and the landlady Ildiko (photo) are happy, when  descendants of Ferenc Fricsay come for a visit and show interest to the development of the children.

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