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Reviews and opinions

December 2016, A street might get the name of the Fricsay family:The manager of the Hungarian State Opera and the Erkel Theater, CEO Szilveszter Ókovács, took the initiative ...

Excerpt of the "Preface" in the Fricsay memorial book, written and compiled by Takeo Noguchi in Japanese, as a memory of the conductor’s centenary ....

Ferenc Fricsay - a pioneer in turbulent times
... rarely can a conductor's life have been so fatefully intertwined with historical and cultural upheavals of the 20th century .... written by Prof. Lutz von Pufendorf, March 2014

Memories of Aharon Shefi
... I still remember the moments of playing in front of this great man, with the special look ...

The Newspaper of the canton Thurgau (Switzerland)
, dated 4th of april 2015, informs that the community of Ermatingen has declared Fricsays final resting place ...

Jon Tolansky profiles a conductor
whose vividly characterful interpretations of sparkling detail led to a prolificrecording career that was tragically cut short at the age of just 48 ...

With Ferenc Fricsay eight weeks of experience
, rehearsals and concerts, eight weeks of unforgettable moments and impressions .... by Laila Storch (info about the oboist Laila Storch)

"Exhibition in the opera of Budapest"
: on behalf of Szilveszter Ókovács, general manager of the opera, the commemorative exhibition about Ferenc Fricsay has been organized ...

Peter Csobadi: “The spiritual portrait of FF is very difficult to describe
: he was splited by dominant artistic ambitions, love of mankind and many years of disease ...  “

List of Ferenc Fricsay recordings compiled, plus excerpts of personal reflections by Szilveszter Ókovács   (Director of the State Opera, Budapest) ...

“His life was music”, Szilveszter Ókovács  had the inspiration for the „Mini-festival” to mark the 100th birthday of FF. - With all his knowledge  and experience he successfully initiated (to present) in perfection the memorable occasion to the audience in full recognition of Fricsay’s life time achievement ...

"Be so kind"
titles Ulrich Amling in the "Tagesspiegel". - The DSO remembers its founder Ferenc Fricsay ... Tugan Sokhiev, the current leader of the orchestra observes the heritage ...

The “Ferenc-Fricsay Brass Band” of Szeged
is playing Fricsays Rondo to honour his 100th birthday in August 2014

Excerpts of the C major Mass
, composed in Szeged in 1938 by Ferenc Fricsay. Short extracts of the performance (Oktober 26th. 2014) at the St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest, with the soloists and orchestra of the State Opera condauted by Adam Medveczky.

DSO honors its founder Ferenc Fricsay
with a concert conducted by Tugan Sokhiev in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall

Inauguration of the Fricsay - commemorative plaque
in the National Theater of Szeged ...

"Lucia di Lammermoor" with Edita Gruberova
in the Erkel-Theater . . . "All eggs in one basket"

Broadcasts of  Kulturradio  / rbb: A radio broadcast
(4th till 9th of August 2014) by Dr. Kai Luehrs-Kaiser to commemorate the 100th birthday of Ferenc Fricsay:

      Broadcast 1: A Bomb full of temperament: Characteristics of an unsought

      Broadcast 2: More than just “a military bandleader”The rise of Fricsay in Austria-       Hungary

      Broadcast 3: The "Mozart-ian".  Fricsay as the first leader of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

      Broadcast 4: „International I am by my own". Fricsay as universalist in his best       recordings

      Broadcast 5: His masterpiece: the promotion of the RIAS Symphony Orchestra

      Broadcast 6: The unknown. Ferenc Fricsay in live - recordings and discoveries.

Rehearsel (1960) of Smetanas "Moldau"
with english subtitle. - Fricsay rehearses with the Orchestra of the Süddeutschen Rundfunk. -The film shows not only his way and art of conducting, but allows the listener to experience his vivid explanations about substance and shape of the piece.
Laila Storch (member of the Houton orchestra) remembers ....
"Even though it is so long ago (about 60 years!!) since I had that good fortune to play in an orchestra with FF as conductor, the memories remain very  fresh...Did I ever send you copies of the letters I wrote to my mother during that half season?? You would not have time to read them now, but I believe they give quite a good "picture" of what it meant to our group of well-trained and enthusiastic young musicians to work with this great artist and human being.   At that time, almost all the conductors in the U.S ( and that includes a number of well known names!) were "tyrants" and treated the musicians very badly, but then came Fricsay like a breath of fresh air, or even a comet!!-  to make us love music again... .... it was, stays unforgettable....!!"

2014 Deutschlandradio Kultur
Music as language, poetry and revelation

... We will discover across the patina, that these recordings are technically perfect, also that the music in this very moment works as a language, as poetry and revelation - even in modern produc-tions ...    

The Franz-Liszt Music-Akademie of Budapest gives honor to Ferenc Fricsay

... At the Academy ‘Kodály gave wonderful lessons in composition. We went gladly to the chamber music lessons of Leó Weiner. Whenever we could we sneaked to the piano lessons of Bartók, as well. [...] I don't know whether any other college could have provided education of this quality in that century.'– ...

2014 Fidelio
Fricsay's Mendelsohn

The items of the background music from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" became a hit from the very start of recordings. ... 1950 was Fricsay almost a pioneer in the interpretation (after Toscaninis two recordings)...

2014 Café Momus
(Hungarian musik-magazin)

... "He was able to inspire the artist with enthusiasm and highest performance ," said Maria Stader, "I appreciated him very much," remembers Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, "Fricsay was a wonderful conductor of operas and concerts" the words of Yehudi Menuhin...     

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