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The "Deutsche Gramophone Gesellschaft" as Fricsay’s Partner

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The ‚Deutsche Gramophone Gesellschaft’ placed great confidence in the young Ferenc Fricsay and they have no need for regrets.

They had found the ideal conductor for their recordings: his fanatic enthusiasm for precision and untiring rehearsal work became of unigue value to the recording production whose special character lies in its lasting quality.

The early business relationship took on more and more the character of a friendship. Within this fruitful collaboration, based on absolute confidence, opera recordings, symphonic music and oratorios were produced. His recordings cover a stylistically wide range. But it was Mozart and Bartok he loved and worshiped most of all, and it was their music he brought to life in its purest form.

The Deutsche Gramophone Gesellschaft was awarded the „Prix de disque“ for 4 Bartok recordings and Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”. A lovely way to say “thank you” for the confidence they had placed years ago in a young conductor completely unknown in Germany.

                                                                                                                                  Prof. Elsa Schiller

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