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The Art Academy Berlin
   (Director Dr. Werner Grünzweig)

The purpose of the Art Academy Berlin is to foster the arts, to support and to advise the Bundes-länder in all matters pertaining to the arts. It is a public institution open to the general public.

The music archives of the Academy (Director Dr. Werner Grünzweig) chiefly accommodate legacies and archives of the New Music of the 20th Century. The larger part is from members and scholars of the academy or from the Berlin music scene. The composition classes of Arnold Schönberg and Franz Schreker, as well as archives from composers expelled from Germany, make up the essential collection. There are score autographs (fair copies with all the preparatory work), correspondence and recordings, their original format (Shellac recordings, LP discs, tape recordings) archived also in digital format.

The publications and the Academy’s series of events „Open Archive“, addresses the public. In this way, new acquisitions have been presented to an interested audience and the press on numerous occasions.

An important part of Fricsay’s musical legacy lies in this archive, such as handwritten scores, e.g. for the string quartet; performance material; correspondence, e.g. with Boleslaw Barlog, Jörg Demus, Gottfried von Einem, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Hans Heinsheimer, Hans Werner Henze, Egon Hilbert, Yehudi Menuhin, Bernhard Paumgartner, Egon Seefehlner, Gustav Rudolf Sellner, Ernst von Siemens und Hans Swarowsky; contracts; biographical documents; documents from his student days; programs, newspaper write-ups, posters, photos; recordings and films; batons.

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